This combo pack is more biast towards the Active range as you have two ViaCollagen Active and one ViaCollagen Glow. For full product details, please visit specific product page for individual product (ViaCollagen Active or ViaCollagen Glow) 





2 x ViaCollagen Active - Red Apple - 1 x ViaCollagen Glow - Cherry Flavour

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  • We recommend that you regularly consume the suggested daily intake as prescribed on the label for a minimum of 8 weeks.

    These products are natural and are a food supplement . Your body needs to process them, just as it does your entire daily diet. Your body takes what it needs from your diet as it requires it. The supplements in your Via Nutrition drink are measured to be in doses that offer the body enough of each ingredient to be actively useful and effective, with as little waste as possible.

    The ingredients are those deemed to be;

    * Those most likely not to be present at all

    *Those most likely not to be present in enough quantity

    In our daily diet, hence the need to supplement.

    The supplements have a cumulative and complimentary effect within the body and should be taken continuously to maintain healthy nutritional support. The effects cannot realisticall